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What is a Screw Compressor?

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What is A Screw Compressor?

A Screw Compressor is an air compressor that uses two rotors (screws) to draw fresh air from outside and compress it to produce higher volumes of air compared to a reciprocating type air compressor.  The two screws sit inside of a housing called the air end of the machine and they are powered by an electric motor.  As the motor turns the screw the air is pulled in and trapped between the screws and pushed out.  A rotary screw compressor runs quieter and more efficiently than a typical reciprocating pump style compressor.  A rotary screw compressor is like an Indy race car meant to go fast and run for hours on end.  Buying a good used rotary screw compressor is a great investment for any shop or manufacturing company.  You can save thousands of dollars by buying a good used screw compressor.

Give us a call 972-487-1939 for questions regarding sizing and pricing on a used rotary screw compressor!  Thanks for checking out industrialaircompresors.com!

Why Install a Refrigerated Air Dryer?

The simple answer is dry air protects your products, your tools, and your equipment.  Air compressors will always produce water as a by-product of making air.  Refrigerated air dryers cool the air down and keep it dry, much like your air conditioner in your home.  Buying a good used refrigerated air dryer is a great [...]

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Why buy a used Rotary Screw Compressor?

If you are considering buying a Rotary Screw Compressor why buy a used Screw Compressor?First, why buy a Rotary Screw Compressor at all? Rotary screw air compressors are the kings of air compressors. The design of the rotary screw air end is the highest technological advance in compressed air on the market today. [...]

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Quincy 30 HP Screw Compressor In Stock

We have this Quincy 30 HP QGD-30 in Stock. This machine is in excellent condition with only 14K run hours on it. It is a 2012 year model. When it comes to used screw compressors this is what you are looking for. This compressor would cost around $15,000.00 new, not including shipping, [...]

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A Work Horse or a Race Horse: Which type compressor do you need?

There are two basic types of air compressors.  In this post we will discuss the difference between the two and help you decide which type you need.Reciprocating/Piston TypeThe recip, or piston style of compressor has been around for ages.  It's that big huge looking compressor you find in barns, shops, and plants all around the [...]

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Rotation, Rotation, Rotation

You've heard the old adage in real estate that the most important factor when buying or selling a piece of property or a home is "location, location, location."  Well, in the world of industrial air compressors the same could be said for rotation or the spin direction of the motor.Very often when a rotary screw [...]

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Why an oil water separator is required?

Oil/Water SeparatorDuring the process of compressing air, atmospheric air along with water vapor and atmospheric contaminants (hydrocarbon or chemical vapors), are drawn into the compressor intake. Additionally, the compression chambers of most compressors require oil for lubrication, sealing and cooling. Once compressed, the air flows into an aftercooler to remove the heat of compression. As [...]

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Welcome to Industrial Air Compressors new webstore.

Welcome to Industrial Air Compressors new Webstore. We're excited to announce the launch of our new webstore. We have upgraded our ability to serve you better. Check out our huge list of used Industrial Air Compressors. We have added 12,000 items, including Compressor Oil, Compressor Filters and Compressor Parts. At IndustrialAirCompressors.com, we believe in providing [...]

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