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A Work Horse or a Race Horse: Which type compressor do you need?

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There are two basic types of air compressors.  In this post we will discuss the difference between the two and help you decide which type you need.

Reciprocating/Piston Type

The recip, or piston style of compressor has been around for ages.  It's that big huge looking compressor you find in barns, shops, and plants all around the world.  They are used for many different applications in which a continuous flow of air is NOT needed.  Piston compressors are like a work horse they work best when they can run then stop, run then stop and if not overworked by continuously running can last for many years. 

Rotary Screw Type

The screw, or rotary style of compressor is a more recent design in the history of compressed air.  Rotary screw compressors are like a race horse compared to a piston type compressor.  They are designed to run and run continuously for hours at a time without.  In other words, they are built to run and if maintained can give you over 100,000 hours of service before major repairs are needed.

Which kind do I need?

To determine which compressor would be best for you, ask yourself, do I need a continuous fast flow of air, or do I need bursts of air for shorter periods of time?  If during the work shift your tools and machines run more than 60% of the time you will most likely be in the market for a Rotary Screw compressor.  But, if you just need air at certain intervals during the day and not continuously then a Reciprocating compressor is the likely choice for you. 

If your still not certain, give us a call and we can help.  972-487-1939


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